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Art with Heart – Creativity fueled by passion and a good cause

Offshore Processing – A Piece of Art with Heart Nothing we love more than seeing a great idea take hold of someones imagination and take flight. A few years back we raised money for the Asylum Seekers Resource Center with our charity art show; Art…

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In search of missing pieces

I’ve always loved sculpture and bronzes, so I was blown away when I came across the work of  French artist Bruno Catalano. His work in the set ‘In search of missing pieces‘, plays on our ability to visualise the whole object even when we are presented…

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The Power of Colour – in Art & Brand Design

In life you often meet people who are passionate about what they do, but it is far more exciting to find someone who is completely obsessive. The beautifully colour sensitive installations of Swedish sculptor Michael Johansson are such an illustration. “I am fascinated walking around…

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A Different View (Paris)

A Week of Learning Recently I spent an amazing four days in Barcelona with 300 of the worlds leading entrepreneurs attending a learning university. The learning events were fascinating, and the company stimulating to say the least. A quick Google of the speakers and fellow…

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