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Truly Deeply to Dine Below The Line

Truly Deeply to host a lunch to support Live Below The Line and raise awareness for extreme poverty The Live Below the Line fundraising campaign helps Australians take action on poverty. This month, thousands of Australians have been putting change on the menu by feeding…

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Brand love: Cafe 51 to reward inked fans for life

Melbourne burger brand, Cafe 51 is giving away free burgers for life to anyone who tattoos their burgers to their body. Making a lifetime commitment to any brand is a big ask. Apart from Harley, there aren’t many brands can claim to be so loved…

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Re2pect endears itself to the population of New York with a stirring tribute to Derek Jeter.

Few Australians would be aware of Derek Jeter and his long and illustrious baseball career. But almost all of us would be aware of the New York Yankees, probably the biggest sporting team brand in the world (save for maybe Manchester United). Jeter has been…

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Vancouver provides an innovative and classy response to help the homeless

Earlier this year, Camden Borough Council came under fire for their “Camden Bench”, a design inspired to dissuade drug deals, bag theft, skateboarding and littering. But the design was also heavily criticised for stopping homeless people from using the bench as a place to sleep…

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Axe branded content: Find Your Social Effort Score

Axe helps the world out the social try-hards. Axe has teamed up with their ad agency Barton F. Graf 9000 to create a nice brand gesture called the ‘Social Effort Scale’. The brand is sponsoring a clever campaign that is being positioned as a public…

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How SPC customers saved the brand

When the federal government refused to inject $25 million of taxpayer’s money into SPC Ardmona, many felt this was the beginning of the end for this iconic Australian brand. But following a groundswell of support from customers through a social media sales are up and…

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