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Re2pect endears itself to the population of New York with a stirring tribute to Derek Jeter.

Few Australians would be aware of Derek Jeter and his long and illustrious baseball career. But almost all of us would be aware of the New York Yankees, probably the biggest sporting team brand in the world (save for maybe Manchester United). Jeter has been…

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James Hird Personal Brand Battered

Humility is a lost art form In case you missed it. Essendon Football Club embroiled in a supplements scandal through out AFL football season 2013. Coach James Hird, who presided over the sorry affair, gets suspended for 12 months.

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Nike Masters the 80:20 Rule of Branding

Not all brand activities are born equal. This is a brand principle that Nike know better than most brands as the recent release of the ‘Nike sole’. The Nike sole has been developed to fit onto the ‘flex-run’ prosthetic running blade, designed for by Nike…

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