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Moppers expanding retail brand horizons

Sportsgirl in Australia has had considerable media coverage this week with its so called Window Shop in Chapel Street Melbourne, the first of many interactive shopping billboards the clothing retailer plans to erect in various locations. The billboards feature images of key fashion items that…

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Retail – Survival of the Fittest

Holistic Retail Brand Experience. October is a very busy month for me when it comes to birthdays and certainly not least my wife’s! Having not ventured down Chapel Street for quite some time, recently we both decided that Chapel Street this year would solve the usual question…

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An intelligent brand leadership gesture

I read with interest an article in The Australian newspaper this week (22 March 2011) which featured the ‘Sportsgirl Likes’ collections. In Australia, Sportsgirl as a younger woman’s fashion brand, occupies an enduring and esteemed positioning, the result of not sitting on its laurels. The…

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