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Retail Brand Loyalty. Have you got it?

Lately I have been thinking a lot about retail brand loyalty and what it means to brand owners, employees and retailers. Brand loyalty is a strange thing, you can’t hold it or visibly see it, but the value that should be placed on it, for…

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The future of Apple – Ten intriguing Apple patents

An Insight into the Future of this Brand Leader Last year Apple was granted 563 patents. Apple’s track record as a genuine industry leader suggests some of these ideas will flow through to influence the consumer technology landscape in the same way the iPod, iPhone,…

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Apple Vs Microsoft – A Battle of Brand Association

All Brands Have Meaning Whether carefully and strategically considered or by default, all brands hold associated meanings in the market place. Well considered brands establish a competitive brand proposition (their brand strategy) with layers of meaning to both differentiate themselves from their competitors and to…

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Apple's New Tablet – A Sneak Peak at the Future

Finally it’s Here. After much anticipation fueled by rumors, half press releases, leaks and on-line buzz, the Apple iPad was released overnight our time. To update this blog which was written last year looking at predictions of what the new Apple Tablet would look like,…

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