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Beyond colour; demonstrating real sustainability and social impact

Sustainability branding is no longer about ‘eco’ colours or colour washing. Brands used to highly depend on their packaging and look to communicate their ‘eco-friendly’ mission. They overly used shades of Greens and Browns to show their roles in fighting climate change. Now, brands are…

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Lego moves to become a sustainable brand

Toy brand introduces first sustainable pieces It’s the only plastic toy that gets a thumbs up from most sustainably minded parents I know. It’s great to see it making a move to becoming a sustainable brand. Lego has introduced it’s first sustainable pieces as the…

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Plastic Free – Great branding and good thinking shows us the way forward.

We do our fair share of packaging work here at Truly Deeply. We also work hard to make our work differentiated and valuable to our clients who are under constant pressure to produce their goods on the thinnest of margins. This is specially true with…

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Biophilia creeps into graphic design

Biophilia Biophilia is humankind’s inherent connection to nature. It’s why crackling fires and crashing waves captivate us; why strolling through a park soothes us; and why shadow and light can affect our mood. Biophilia suggests that we have a need to connect with nature and that…

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