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Clemson vs Davidson. An Authentic Baseball Brand Experience

I’m not sure if these guys have the brand smarts, but they certainly have huge imagination and creativity when it comes to creating memorable brand experiences. From a rained out baseball match between Clemson and Davidson, the guys got together and got up to some…

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Tiger Takes a Break – A Snapshot of Social Sentiment

Word on the Web Given the flood of blogs, tweets and mentions on the latest chapter in the Tiger Woods saga, it’d be remiss of us to not take a snapshot of current social sentiment. As Tiger announces he’s taking a break from golf, we’ve…

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Tiger Woods – A Social Brand Snapshot

Word on the Web Social Brand Snapshot provides a visualised cross section of current blogs, tweets and social mentions of Tiger Woods, providing an instant view of current brand sentiment. David Ansett, Brandamentalist. Brand Agency & Graphic Design Melbourne.

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Tiger’s Brand Will Survive

The immense level of news being generated by Tiger Woods this week is in direct proportion to the size of his personal brand. Tiger’s brand is huge. The very reason for the hype over Tiger’s indiscretions is the same reason why he will survive this…

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