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Top 10 Brand Design Blogs – Part 2

Source, photograph by Christy Lee Rogers Top 10 Brand Design Blogs – Part 2 Sometime ago I published a ‘Top 10 Brand Design Blogs’ post that celebrated and promoted some of my most favorite brand design blogs. I thought it was time to build…

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The Evolution of the World's Best Known Brand Marks

Birth, Death, Taxes… and Brand Identity All brands must continue to stay relevant to their market. This is true for their products and services, how they behave and their brand voice, as well as their brand identity.

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Nike FuelStation Reinventing Retail Space and Product Interaction

Nike FuelStation at Boxpark London Nike continues to push retail space design and customer experience with the first FuelStation launched in Boxpark London. A retail space that is like no other, the space invites the digitally enabled athlete to interact with the Nike brand. The…

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Viral marketing – Small budget doesn’t mean small creativity

Sometime ago before the release of 20th Century Fox’s movie ‘Chronicle’, viral marketing agency Thinkmodo was approached to bring the movie to the people. The film follows three friends as they form a close bond after receiving telekinetic and flying abilities from an unknown object.…

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