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Everything will be alright – Inspiring Design from around the world.

An inspiring message of hope and solidarity from Dutch designer; Marcel Wanders Dutch designer Marcel Wanders has creates a beautiful piece if typography and design that combines an interpretation of the Italian flag and the phrase ‘Andrà tutto bene’, which translates to; ‘everything will be…

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No Stranger than the past: Behind the brand titles of Stranger Things.

  I remember sitting on the brown leather couch in my parents ‘den’ watching Goonies on our Rankarena television. It was the 80s and we had a shag pile rug on the floor, mission brown with green striped curtains and circular patterned orange cushions. The…

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The future of Futwora – Typography design at its best

Finding the right typeface for a brand can sometimes be a challenge – so why not design a new typeface suitable for your own project? TWO – Think Work Observes, traditionally a design studio based in Udine, Italy have a strong focus on modern, clean and…

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Unlikely Type, a Brand Design Hero

The Typographic Hero of every Brand Identity An interesting fact I was reading somewhere recently- did you know the most common typeface in brand identity design across the world and across every market is Helvetica (or it’s ugly step brother Arial)?  Not only is Helvetica…

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