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Finding the rhythm in life

Last weeks post was a bit heavy, so here’s something light and beautiful to inspire you. A little bit of Monday eye candy. A short film by Páraic Mc Gloughlin called Arena: A brief look at the earth from above using the patterns and rhythms we…

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The psychology of colour and successful brand design.

Understanding the psychology of colours is vital to designing a successful brand. Our human instincts enable us to react to a wide range of different colours with varying emotions. This knowledge is important for designers to harness, with the power of colour psychology bringing resonance to…

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A brand lesson from the masters

Apple have been busy in the last week or so with iOS7, OSX Mavericks and plenty of other stuff, but what stood out for me was the piece of video they used to launch their World Wide Developers Conference. I don’t think I’ve ever seen…

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