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Vinomofo's Christmas cringe

As regular readers of the Madly Blog will be familiar with, we’ve been full of praise for Vinomofo’s bold use of language. It has not only disrupted the category, it has an emotional bond with its audience that most brands would be envious of. But…

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Brand battle: Get Wines Direct vs. Vinomofo

Online wine retailers Get Wines Direct and Vinomofo have very similar product and sales channels but very different brands. With such similar product offerings, can brand play a role in influencing sales?

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A mofo of a brand

I won’t lie; we here at Truly Deeply do enjoy a tipple. Some of us more than others. As a studio, we’ve well and truly climbed aboard the addictively awesome wine deals bandwagon that is Vinomofo. We’re hooked. Not just because the wine is great…

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Vinomofo has a big bold brand personality

The best brands work at having a distinctive brand personality. They are also clever enough to know that you cannot be all things to all people. You need to understand your target market intimately and then create a personality that they connect with. Entrepreneur Andre…

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