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Genius Apple parody to get you thinking about your brand loyalty

The release of the new Apple Watch has seen countless parody videos emerge but one in particular has me questioning my brand loyalty.

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Viral Branding #Worldstoughestjob

This viral video has re-ignited emotions for people all over the world with regard to respect for their mothers. What was intentionally an ad for may actually cause an increase in sales for other brands around Mothers Day as a refreshed light is shone on Motherhood.

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Brand viral video success – $1,300 for 77M hits

This video is a very simple and a hugely successful concept – put pairs of strangers in front of a camera and ask them to kiss for the first time. What results is a video that has delighted millions of viewers with it’s awkward charm…

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Gangnam Style – King of the Viral Video Clip

100 Million Viewers Can’t be Wrong Attending the Trendwatching conference in Sydney a couple of weeks back they opened with this clip from South Korea that’s going seriously viral. Sure, the main thing is I just loooove this clip and wanted to share it, but…

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