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Volvo flexes their Swedish brand pillar with Avicii to engage a new audience.

Branded song becomes campaign: Two Swedish brands come together for a new beginning. Swedish DJ and producer Avicii joins the Swedish car brand Volvo to promote the all new Volvo XC90, with his new single ‘Feeling Good’.

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Volvo’s new Roam Delivery service adds another dimension to the brand

Volvo has a pretty nifty bit of tech that adds another dimension to their brand and demonstrates another benefit of their ‘Connected Cars’ brand pillar. Their latest brand innovation is ‘Roam Delivery’, a service that enables Volvo drivers to have packages delivered to their car,…

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Volvo's Viral Van Damme Video – Bold Brand Storytelling

Volvo & Van Damme – A Video Made in Viral Heaven Volvo recently released a new ad featuring actor & martial arts legend Van Damme. The idea behind the ad, which has gone truly viral on Youtube, is to use Van Damme and his awe…

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Qantas brand needs a safety net!

As a brand agency we are regularly exploring with clients the brand values they need to live to give their brand the marketing positioning they wish to achieve. Regularly in those conversations we use an airline example to explain how some brand values are mandatory,…

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The Truly Deeply 2010 Trend Report – The Visual Language of Brands

The Most Comprehensive Trend Report on the Visual Language of Brand Identity Trends in the visual language of brand identity are driven by many factors from the ‘me-too-ism’ of designers and their clients mimicking the visual language of market leaders, to new and emerging trends…

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