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San Fransisco Apple's new brand font

Last week Apple announced a pile of new software at it’s World Wide Developers Conference which is all very exciting for those developing and using their products but the bit that stood out for my was the official launch of the companies new font San FranciscoRead the rest of this entry »

KitKat Android mascot

Android announces version 4.4 is named ‘KitKat’ 

Google Android has added a pinch of spice to their tradition of naming operating systems after alphabetically sequential snack foods, with a surprise announcement to name the next version ‘KitKat’. The secret was so well-kept that most of the Android team was in the dark until the announcement was made yesterday. Read the rest of this entry »

If you think texting while walking is dangerous, just wait until everyone starts wearing Google’s futuristic, internet-connected glasses.

  Directions to your destination appear literally before your eyes. You can talk to friends over video chat, take a photo or even buy a few things online as you walk around.  The glasses will be able to do anything a smartphone or tablet computer does now – and then some.  Google gave a glimpse of “Project Glass” in a video and blog post last week. Still in an early prototype stage, the glasses open up endless possibilities — as well as challenges to safety, privacy and fashion sensibility. The prototypes have a sleek wrap-around look and appear nothing like clunky 3-D glasses. But if Google isn’t careful, they could be dismissed as a kind of Bluetooth earpiece of the future, a fashion faux-pas where bulky looks outweigh marginal utility.

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Viva La Digital Brand Revolution
We love the way the digital revolution has seamlessly woven into the way we live our lives. In so many ways the way we do things today integrates a digital element whether shopping for a car or a pair of jeans – sharing photos from our holidays, or sharing what we got up to on the weekend. It’s virtually impossible to track the way we intuitively utilize digital in our daily lives.

This great visual from Google data Arts and Punk & Butler will blow your mind just that little bit further…

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The Art Project is a collaboration between Google and some of the world’s most acclaimed museums. It allows uses to take an online virtual tour around some of the world most prestigious art galleries, zoom in on some of the most famous artworks to amazing detail and listen to online commentary. Whilst there are some notable exclusions of paintings and galleries, it is a work in progress and the Art Project powered by Google plans to expand its collection of galleries and artworks.

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The Evolution of the English Language

After a meeting earlier this week with the executive team at Melbourne University’s Ormond College, I found myself thinking about two things.  One, why I didn’t attend the college myself, and two, how many brand specific words I use in every day language.

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Today it’s more critical than ever for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors and make memorable connections with their consumers by creating unique, recognisable brands. Every touch point of a brand plays a vital role in brand recall, but the brandmark is the heart and soul of a brand’s image. As awareness of branding grows and more businesses invest in their brand’s identity, colour is becoming more important for companies looking to differentiate themselves visually. In today’s tech-savvy society a website is a main touch point for a brand.

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Mobile phones have come a long way from where they started. Back in the early days you felt good if you got 30 minutes call time out of the brick in your hand, now we can’t put them down and we’re disappointed if we can’t watch the latest YouTube video or google a recipe for the perfect batter.

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Top 1K: Top 1000 brands on the net

Google have today published the top 1000 visited brands on the internet. Makes for some very interesting reading. You’ll need at least 4 million, unique visitors, for your site to make the list. To make just 1%, takes 16 million unique visitors. Looks like we’ve got some work to do here at Truly Deeply.

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