The meaning and origin of famous brand names, part 2

More brands, more stories of how they found their name.

Last week we looked at how Apple, Virgin, Nike and 3M, Durex and Kodak got their names. To read part 1 click here.

This week we look at the stories behind more big name brands, including Google, Toyota, Intel, Ebay and Lego.

famous brand name origins



famous brand name origins

brand name origins

Discover more of the stories behind the name of famous brands. To read part 1 click here.

If you have some interesting stories on how other famous brands found their name, please share in the comments.

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Michael Hughes

Michael is Managing Partner and Strategy Director at Truly Deeply, a brand agency with 25 years’ experience working with brands to position them for growth. His deep expertise is in unlocking the strategic power of your brand to create a differentiated, compelling and authentic brand proposition that will engage all your audiences. Michael has extensive experience working across Australia and the Middle East working with leading Australian and International organisations across just about every sector.

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