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Google’s Material design promotes uniformity

Looking at the new launch videos for Google’s new Material design, I can’t help but feel they are locking the platform into uniformity. For all the talk of tailoring the look and feel of your apps brand, the tools provided seem at first glance to…

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The meaning and origin of famous brand names, part 2

More brands, more stories of how they found their name. Last week we looked at how Apple, Virgin, Nike and 3M, Durex and Kodak got their names. To read part 1 click here. This week we look at the stories behind more big name brands,…

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Are we in a type renaissance for brands?

As brand designers we’re always hungry. Hungry for new inspiration, new palettes, new strategy and as a corner store of everything we do new typefaces. Fonts are so important when it comes to creating new brand identities or logos. Finding the right type┬áto express the…

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