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Brand name renaming, 3 ways to rename.

Brand naming can be hard, but it’s easy compared to brand renaming. Brand naming: coming up with a strategic, relevant and available name for a new company, product or service is challenging. Engaging stakeholders and bringing them on a journey, getting buy-in on preferred options…

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The meaning and origin of famous brand names, part 2

More brands, more stories of how they found their name. Last week we looked at how Apple, Virgin, Nike and 3M, Durex and Kodak got their names. To read part 1 click here. This week we look at the stories behind more big name brands,…

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The meaning and origin of famous brand names

The story behind the names of some of the world’s biggest brands. If you’ve ever tried to create a name for a company or product, you will realise how hard it can be. You need a solid brand strategy and robust naming criteria. You’ll also…

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