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The meaning and origin of famous brand names, part 2

More brands, more stories of how they found their name. Last week we looked at how Apple, Virgin, Nike and 3M, Durex and Kodak got their names. To read part 1 click here. This week we look at the stories behind more big name brands,…

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Twitter Parties; Tiesto, HP and Intel team up to show us what Twitter can do in 2012

In 2011, Twitter’s influence in shaping brand reputations continued but most content was driven by the public. This year, Twitter’s new Facebook-style brand pages promise to provide more opportunities for brands to customise and highlight content. This also creates opportunities for brands to take Twitter…

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Intel's Brand Strategy – Make Remarkable Ads

There Are Ads & There Are Brand Ads Not all ads are born equal, and not all ads have the same role in life. Most ads come with a consumer proposition, buy this product with these features for this once-only price. And then there are…

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