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In 2011, Twitter’s influence in shaping brand reputations continued but most content was driven by the public. This year, Twitter’s new Facebook-style brand pages promise to provide more opportunities for brands to customise and highlight content.

This also creates opportunities for brands to take Twitter parties to whole new level as HP and Intel showed us this week.

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There Are Ads & There Are Brand Ads
Not all ads are born equal, and not all ads have the same role in life. Most ads come with a consumer proposition, buy this product with these features for this once-only price. And then there are the brand ads, those that choose to communicate an attribute or personality of a brand. Whichever way you define them however, precious few ads can be described as remarkable.

So There We Were On New Years Eve…
Over the recent Christmas and New Years break we spent much time relaxing with family and friends, that wonderful amount of time when the ‘big ticket’ conversations are exhausted and small talk takes over. During the break we had not one, not two, but three different conversations with different groups of people in which the new Intel ads were discussed. So much were they touted that on my return I just had to visit Google to check them out for myself.

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