Search, Mobile and the top 8 marketing trends for 2016


Marketing trends 2016

The Top Marketing Trends for 2016 and what they mean in particular for small business
Much is written each year on the key marketing trends we see playing out, usually most relevant for our larger clients. So when this week I came across a great article written on the Vertical Response Blog that explores the key marketing trends in 2016 to help small businesses grow their brands, I was immediately impressed by their insight and ability to translate these trends into practical advice.

The marketing trends include; Search, Mobile, Video, Apps, Automation, Content, Personalisation and Pop-Ups with clearly explained explanations of each. The clear pattern to these trends is that they’re all driven by online. Digital marketing has become the main game, especially for businesses and brands with limited marketing budgets and resources.

These trends provide a clear direction to creating increased consumer interest and loyalty to your brand, products, and services for 2016 and beyond. Read the article on Vertical Response by clicking here.

Dave Ansett
Truly Deeply Founder & Creator of Brands
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