A sneak peek at a virtual reality fueled future for brands

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Does virtual reality present the next big challenge for brands?
Could life get any busier? We’re already bombarded by thousands of messages – brand/news/social every hour. Will the brave new world of hyper, virtual reality make our life simpler, or even more cluttered?

The promise of technology is simplification, yet there is something within our DNA that seeks to leverage that simplicity to add more to our lives. This great short video by Keiichi Matsuda imagines a future fully submerged in augmented reality and the way brands and their marketing may seek to engage.

The challenge this visualization presents for brands is how to engage in the world of virtual reality in a way that truly enhances the life of your customers, rather than seeing the opportunity for more brand message bombardment.


Dave Ansett
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by Keiichi Matsuda | km.cx
More at hyper-reality.co


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