Simple, smart and efficient packaging design for brands

molly and me pecans simple packaging

We’ve had a lot of enquires lately about designing simple and efficient packaging for products so that their founders can test their product in the market before investing in expensive packaging solutions. When you’re starting out budget for packaging design and print run quantities are usually an issue that you need to overcome. In these cases you may want start with a very simple packaging form in order to test your idea before investing in custom die lines and thousands of products.

Having a simple packaging form doesn’t mean your brand needs to suffer. A well considered approach to your brand and packaging can make even the simplest of packaging forms stand out on shelf. We know that budgets don’t always allow you to create the polished and high end packaging that you need for your product. But with a little bit of creativity and lateral thinking there are always options to consider to get your first stage of packaging off the ground without compromising your brand.

A good example of simple and efficient packaging is Yarra Valley Tea Co. Their packaging is simple, striking and better still very economical to produce. By using stickers to identify the different varieties of tea they can use the same box for all varieties saving cost and avoiding having mass amounts of product. They have still injected some interest in the brand with the typography and even the naming of the products.


We’ve pulled together some other examples of smart packaging solutions where the branding has not been compromised. Traits of such packaging generally include:

  • No product photography – no need for expensive photo shoots, styling and photo re-touching).
  • Use of stickers to show variants- cheaper than producing multiple pack designs for different variants.
  • Simple pack shapes with no custom die lines (holes) custom shapes.
  • One pack shape for all varieties.
  • Use of simple illustration and simple design.
  • Rely on illustration to bring to life the personality of the brand.

simple packaging 1

By Copenhagen design studio Bessermachen


Image: Underconsideration

Cook simple packaging 1 Cook simple packaging 2

Image: Packaging of the world

Image of stamped bag


molly and me pecans simple packaging

Image: Molly and Me Pecans

simple packaging design


simple packaging design

Image: Under Consideration

simple packaging design

Image: From Up North

If you’ve got a product and need someone to help bring your packaging to life we’re can help with simple, smart and effective solutions that bring your brand to life.

Gemma Dittmar
Director of Brand Projects

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