New online mattress brand Sooma launches

Truly Deeply recently created a new online mattress brand from scratch. Sooma is well and truly in the market now so we thought we’d share our process of working with them to create a brand from scratch.

Sooma is all about simplifying the mattress buying process, designing the perfect mattress, caring for the planet and backing our quality, and your satisfaction, with a 100 & 10 Happiness Warranty.


The Challenge

Our client is a manufacturer of high quality foam. They wanted to sell mattresses direct to the public but they couldn’t use their B2B brand. They needed a new name, proposition, identity and a story to stand out and engage in already saturated market with many ‘me-too’ brands.


The Strategy

With all the smoke and mirrors that exist in the category, Sooma differentiates by being straightforward, honest and makes buying a high quality comfortable mattress easy.

The brand challenges the big bedding stores with an irreverent personality that calls out some of their dodgy claims and cuts to the chase of what a great mattress should be.

We also created the name ‘Sooma’ to create a standout, simple yet evocative name in a category of many descriptive names that reference sleep or beds.


The Design Solution

Taking inspiration from the visual language of heritage quilting and blankets the brand identity uses bold high contrast colours repeated in pattern to create a
monogram that is at once reminiscent of the emotional comfort we get from these heirlooms and a playful animatable brandmark.

The Monogram ‘S’ is made from 9 curved segments creating a simple square mark that contains a subtle plus icon hinting at the positive physical properties of the brand. This is accompanied by a clean, stripped back sans serif type mark giving the brandmark a sophisticated timeless feeling.

sooma-brand-identity-3sooma-brand-identity-4 sooma-brand-identity-5 sooma-brand-identity-6

Take a look for yourself: 

Gemma Dittmar
Director of Brand Projects

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