Sparkke Change : A beer brand with a true purpose

Booze with a Conscience

Sparkke Change, has come to my attention in recent months as a refreshing challenger in the beer category. The brand shot to fame through a clever use of a Pozible crowdfunding campaign that went viral, sparking much needed awareness and interest into the brand because of it’s unusual proposition.

Sparkke bucks the trend within beer in particular, craft beer category, one which is dominated by men, manly men, and sexist branding since its inception, so the brand is a breath of fresh air in a category that has become quite tried in terms differentiation.

Sparrke is brought to the world by a team of 8 millennial women in Adelaide, who position the brand as “Booze with a Conscience.” A simple, clean and sophisticated can design is uncluttered and flexible, to leave space for an interchangeable social message – all relating to pertinent social issues that are driving conversation within our society today. Their proposition is to raise awareness and funds, for important social issues, through beer and cider.

“Powered by eight young women in Adelaide, Sparkke is a progressive social enterprise that is raising awareness and funds for important social issues through beer, cider, and wine – the great conversation starters of our generation.

We are the voice of a community that wants to spark change by taking on issues like sexual consent, gender equality, Aboriginal justice, global warming, body image, censorship, asylum seeking, mental health, and marriage equality to name a few.
We invite you to join us in driving our social agenda through alcohol.”

I think the proposition is genius and see a huge eager, awaiting and thirsty audience in Australia, particularly women who would want to associate themselves with and support the brand. You might argue there’s a time and a place for a bit of light hearted fun, when you’re talking beer, but here’s a challenger brand, that’s not only upsetting the status quo in their category, but they’re completely giving it two ethical and conscious fingers up. Their brand, while design is understated, is really cleverly and consciously considered in all applications with a clear purpose. They’ve targeted a niche, yet growing in numbers audience who, in today’s world, want to be seen to be standing for something they believe in and what better way than having it slapped on your tinny at a party!!!

Now I wonder if it tastes any good! I’d be really keen to try it out.

   Gemma Tedford

Director or Brand Projects

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