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Last weekend I saw two legends in Melbourne, two men so passionate about their work, that they are still going after 45 and 65 years respectfully. It’s not every weekend you get to experience great, influencers at the top of their game, who can rally thousands to see them in the flesh. Last weekend I saw Bruce Springsteen and David Attenborough. Here’s my thoughts on the brand that is Bruce Springsteen.

The Boss
Bruce Springsteen, aged 67 rocked out at Hanging Rock with an all star performance with his legendary E Street Band. Saturday night was the 4th time I’ve seen Springsteen and after the performance I witnessed, it won’t be my last. He has an energy that’s insatiable, a passion and infectious drive to continue to tour and write world class music keeps his fire, his band and fans alive. Bruce wouldn’t be Bruce without his goosebumps inducing E Street band, with Steve Van Zandt front and centre at the helm. It’s testament to the group that so many of the original E Street band have continued to tour with Bruce for decades and the legend of the spirit of the E Street, the late Clarence Clemons is well and truly kept alive through his saxophone assessor and nephew, Jake Clemons, who plays his uncles horns, and feels him on stage with him every night. Jake was the star of the night.

Why I wanted to talk about the boss on a branding blog is simple, he has honed, adapted and improved, perfected, revolutionised his band, music, legacy and personal brand for over 40 years. His music has stayed true to his essence, he’s the champion and the voice of the working man. Over the years his musical style has naturally adapted to keep himself and the band musically inspired, his style ranges from the 80s stadium belters, to blues, folk, ballads, irish influence through to teaming up on an album with Tom Morrello from Rage Against the Machine, opening up a new audience, a new sound, but staying true to battling for the everyday man. He’s gone on a musical journey and aged with his audience, attracting younger generations through each album, he’s now on his 17th!

There are many musical legends unfortunately the majority of which are aged 60+ now, but for the unlike other great bands, the Stones, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Bruce is still releasing cracking albums. He has a music encyclopaedia of hits spanning 40 years that always leaves audiences disappointed that he didn’t play their favourite – he’d have to play for 8 hours straight to do so.

Why he’s lasted so long and continues to release music that truly connects with his vast audiences, is his pure love for what he does, you can feel his infectious energy onstage, it radiates off the crowd, off his band and into the night as the sun goes down. I was speaking to other fans, who have seen Bruce in every venue in Australia since the 80s, he’s given so many people memories for a lifetime, and I don’t think he’ll quit. Unfortunately he only played 2 hours 40 min on Saturday, longer than most standard gigs, but he’s been known to incur fines and rock out close to the four hour mark. We’ll forgive him this much.

Here’s a nod to the incredible musicianship of Bruce and his E Street band.

And here’s to Clarence… Always a legend.



Gemma Tedford
31, Bruce fan since I was walking!

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