It’s all about the balance – in design and the every day

Being in the creative industry we’re always considering how we bring balance to our work and the world of design. We also love to look at things from different angles and points of view. We recently came across this artist Rocky Byun who takes the idea of balance and different perspectives to every day objects to come up with pieces of art. He says in this video that we live in such a fast paced world that we sometimes need to remind ourself to slow down and this practice causes him to do just that.

We’re big fans of Midfulness here at Truly Deeply and as a team we take the time once a week to focus on this to ensure we keep a balanced view to our work, our lives and ourselves.

Artist Rocky Byun can find the balance point in anything: rocks, furniture, even motorcycles. As a balance artist based in Tancheon, South Korea, he creates magnificent sculptures that appear to defy gravity. With his deep understanding of physics and a zen-like approach to his work, Byun has found balance in his art and in life.

Source: Great Big Story


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