A plug for the ADGA Mentoring Program

AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association) is set to launch their 2017 Mentoring Program.

The AGDA Mentoring Program is dedicated to bringing together experienced designers with those that are seeking help, advice, and/or experience. The program aims to promote and nurture the sharing of real-world skills and the benefits of a design network to its members.

Applications will close on September 15th and the program will commence week beginning 25 September through until 24 November.  The program will entail 6–8 x 1 hour meetings with Mentee and Mentor over that period. Participation in the program is offered free to members, it’s an incredibly valuable member benefit. 

This program is offered to mid-weight or experienced designers who feel they could benefit from a more advanced and real-world mentorship.

Traditionally, advice given to mentees may include; Professional Support, Creative Re-invigoration, Industry Inclusion and Exposure, Folio Critique and Networking Opportunities.

The program is structured so that both participants – mentor and mentee – has the opportunity to tailor outcomes more closely to individual strengths and interests, and to make this an extremely valuable opportunity for two-way sharing of benefits.

You can check out more info on the program here.


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