The McKinnon Prize brand launches to the world

McKinnon Prize branding

Celebrating a truly visionary organisation (with a brand to match).

We’re so incredibly proud of our client The Susan McKinnon Foundation with the launch of the McKinnon Prize in Political Leadership at Parliament House in Canberra yesterday.

The McKinnon Prize in Political Leadership is a collaboration between the Susan McKinnon Foundation and the University of Melbourne. A new, non-partisan prize recognising courageous, visionary and collaborative political leadership across all tiers of Australian government is being launched today.

University of Melbourne Vice-Chancellor Glyn Davis will chair the inaugural selection panel, which will include former include Prime Ministers Julia Gillard and John Howard as well as distinguished business, political, education and sporting leaders.

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard said: “In our fast moving, ever-changing world, just staying across the media agenda of the day, attending community events and keeping the paperwork moving can feel incredibly taxing for today’s politicians. But while all that requires competence, it isn’t leadership. In my view, the measure of a leader is the positive change that has only been made possible because of that person. It is about having the policy idea and pursuing it doggedly. Some practical compromises may be necessary along the way, but what emerges as a result of the political leader’s efforts changes our nation, a state or territory or local community for the better. It is that kind of leadership that should be rewarded and recognised through the McKinnon Prize. I welcome the opportunity to serve on the judging panel.” 

Susan McKinnon Foundation Co-Founder Grant Rule said: “Now, more than ever, we need to publicly recognise political leadership that shows vision and courage and has had a constructive impact for our country.” 

The McKinnon Political Leader of the Year will recognise an established politician who has successfully tackled vital issues of public policy, overcome adversity and achieved real change for the public good.  

We’re proud to have worked with The Susan McKinnon Foundation on their branding as well as developing the brand identity and collateral for the McKinnon Prize. As an agency with a strong social conscience, we see these projects as a reflection of our purpose as well as a challenge for our strategic sand creative energies.

The McKinnon Prize Brand Identity

The McKinnon Prize brand identity design was based on the concept of ‘The Guiding Star’. The Acrux is the brightest star in the Southern Cross and our part of the night sky. Sometimes referred to as the ‘guiding star’, the Acrux has been used as a reference point for navigation for centuries. The Acrux is a symbol of stability, leadership and guardianship, – it is seen as a mentor or a guiding light.’

This seven pointed star is the sum of it’s parts. The symbol is comprised of seven diamond, lantern elements that form a star shape with a visual connecting circle that has a robust optimism.

McKinnon prize logo

The Susan McKinnon Foundation Branding

The McKinnon Prize launch also saw the debut of the new brand identity and web site for The Susan McKinnon Foundation.

We worked with the Susan McKinnon Foundation to develop a striking and unique brand identity. With a bold vision to tackle especially challenging social issues as varied as political leadership and childhood obesity, the concept of a flying flag struck a chord with the entire team. The flag represents leadership, confidence, hope and on a literal level the letter ‘M’. The colours of the brand identity are equally bold and striking. The overall design strategy presents the Foundation as a leader with the courage to take-on challenging issues with conviction and confidence.

Not for Profit branding

not for profit branding

Case studies for both brands will be published in the near future.
In the mean time, please contact us on +613 9693 0000 for more information.

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