Truly Deeply creates a distinctive brand for One Early Education Group

A stylish brand that helps One Early Education Group stand out in an increasingly crowded market.

Built around the essence of ‘The Thriving Child’, One creates an environment where infants and children can thrive in their daily interactions.

The brand proposition drives a powerful platform and story for how One champions children and nurtures their development in the early years.

The identity design embodies this strategy with a simple, clean and elegant icon and typemark. This combined with the modern visual language portrays the high quality, stylish and modern child care service.

Green was chosen as the main brand colour to create a connection to the environment and create a softness to the brand. It conveys a bright, inviting, warm and real ethos through all communications and helps One stand out in a category dominated by bold primary colours.

The imagery focuses on children’s imagination, adventure and sensory experiences rather than being in closed environments focusing on typical scenarios like other child care centres.

Truly Deeply provided One Early Education with a market review, brand strategy, naming, brand identity deisgn, website design as well as signage, communications and collateral design.

One Early Education Group’s vision is to create an environment where children, educators and families can thrive. One’s centres are located in Cranbourne, Woolert and Officer.

Images courtesy of One Early Education Group

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