Reflecting on AGDA’s ‘Design Means Business’ event series.

AGDA Business + Design

What does BUSINESS + DESIGN mean to us?

On the 22nd March, some of us here at Truly Deeply nestled our way into the Clemenger Auditorium at the NGV – pen and notebook in hand – eager to soak up what the speakers at AGDA’s annual ‘Design Means Business’ Event Series had to say about the topic, ‘Business + Design’.

The night, hosted by Richie Meldrum from August, was held during Melbourne Design Week and saw 3 pairs of collaborators take to the stage to discuss how Business and Design can compliment each other through different creative partnerships. The speakers included Broadsheet Media and The Company You Keep, Jacky Winter Group (supporting Asylum Seekers Resource Centre), Fluff and Love + Money.

A full month on, and their reflections are still inspiring to think about and it was really energising to see how Design Supplier and Design Buyer can bring out the best in each other.

There appeared to be a common theme between all three collaborations, of the importance of working beyond the formula of brief and response. To paraphrase Nick Shelton from Broadsheet, a client can ask anyone to respond to a brief. ‘They come to a good Design agency to offer advise, insight and experience’. And no matter what role you play within a Design agency, you can be part of that experience.

The Freedom Calendar

The Freedom Calendar

Another really elevating conversation was from the Jacky Winter Group, specifically the power duo behind ‘The Freedom Calendar’. The project brought together work by Australian artists and refugees on Manus Island, raising funds for the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre. They spoke about respect, passion and the responsibility involved when tasked with a project, especially one involving pro bono work. Jess Lilley really struck a chord by saying, “Art is a really powerful tool for social activism’, Art being something that is also very close to our hearts here at Truly Deeply.

Hearing each partnership talk about the value of creative work was a real boost. We are very lucky to have such a nurturing environment, especially here in Melbourne, helping us all contribute towards creating meaningful and progressive Design, so thank you to AGDA and all the speakers for your words and a brilliant evening!

Lucy Sharpe

Account Manager


Full Image credit to: The Freedom Calendar.

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