Truly Deeply’s striking rebrand for Shelde

Strategically realigning leading security and digital consulting firm for growth.

Olivier Lambel, Shelde’s Head of People Experience says that the brand has been completely recreated, with purpose and identity.

“As tech professionals, working in the creative space, this is uncharted territory for Shelde! Michael and the team at Truly Deeply took us on a journey which opened our eyes to the value of a strong brand with powerful, aligned messaging.”

“The feedback from our customers and staff on the new brand has been outstanding.”

“The new branding has enabled Shelde to clearly reposition and align with modern technology ecosystems. We now stand out and can differentiate with a clear and compelling proposition, communicate our present and future capabilities, articulate our strengths and build longevity with a solid foundation for growth.”

Shelde rebrand, brand identity

The new Shelde brand proposition is centred around the philosophy of ‘absolute confidence and powerful advantage’. A number layers wrap around this to define and provide direction for the brand both internally and externally. This is supported by distinctive messaging, personality and the tagline ‘amplify opportunities’.

The new Shelde identity leverages the company’s robust ‘secure’ reputation while demonstrating their innovative nature. This is brought to life through the concept of duality and modern and unexpected visual landscapes.

Confident imagery and vibrant colours are grounded by a minimal brandmark to create a strong and engaging identity that signifies Shelde’s balance between a well-established security background and culture for innovation. The semi-circles celebrate left and right brain thinking, using logic and creativity to unlock and solve problems.

“It’s not just a logo or mark any more – the Shelde brand now has meaning to our staff and conveys strong messaging we can rally around. We’d never been in a position previously to truly explain our purpose simply; the branding project has taken us step-by-step through the process of documenting the essence of our business and creating alignment between what we do and what we say.”

“What has impressed us the most about Truly Deeply was their ability to understand and relate to our story. They clearly got it from the get go and this reflected in their proposal. To where Shelde was and wanted to be and project in the market. They knew that the mission with Shelde was not about getting a new website, but helping us to find a new Shelde, a new brand image, identity and strategy; a new way to translate our powerful emotional connection with our clients.”

brand identity, rebrand

Shelde is an integrated digital, security and data analytics partner, with a strong security heritage and multi-disciplined team. Their robust strategies and success in helping some of Australia’s largest organisations has earned Shelde the trust and confidence of clients, including the big four banks and a range of Federal Government departments, both civilian and military.

To find out more about the project, see the full Shelde case study.

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