13Cabs rebrands to stay relevant

13Cabs campaign attempts to revive the brand but is it too little too late?

taxi rebrand

In an effort to combat Uber and make the traditional taxis more appealing, Cabcharge has revamped their 13Cabs brand.

The uppercase blocked typemark has given way to a lowercase ‘cabs’ with an arrow to show how they get people from a to b. As part of the rebrand, 13Cabs will also move away from the iconic yellow cars in Melbourne in favour of black taxis in all markets.

13 Cabs rebrand

The campaign attempts to present a more human side to the brand with stories of drivers, customer service and customers.

However, the core brand proposition hasn’t really changed. It is still focused on a fairly generic promise of ‘we’ll get you there’. There really isn’t anything more to make the offer compelling or shift negative perceptions that people have of the oldskool taxis.

While there is some talk of improvements to customer service much of this feels like they are still preaching to a shrinking market.

It’s not just Uber they need to worry about either. There are many alternatives including Oiii who are presenting a much smarter and potentially more relevant offer.



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