4 nifty games to help refine your design skills.


The folks over at Method Action have created some nifty little games to help you learn, refine or test your design skills. Method of Action was born in 2011 and was a collaboration between María Munuera and Mark MacKay.


Kerning Game

Think you’re the kern master? Test yourself in this game that measures your kerning accuracy.


Colour Matching

See if you can perfectly match the colour in the centre of the circle.


Bezier Game

Bend and snap your paths to perfection in this path drawing game. Great for refining your path drawing skills in Illustrator.



For the typography enthusiasts – See if you can reshape the letter back to its original form.


I also stumbled upon the journal of Mark Mackay, designer at the Method of Action. It’s a little peep into the life and mind of a very creative person. Some things he writes I feel like we can all relate to.


Have fun!


Hannah Guilford

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