DJ Marshmello + Fortnite. The biggest concert to never happen.

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Branding in the Virtual Experience Economy

In the hullabaloo of last week’s Super Bowl you may have missed the news that DJ Marshmello played a gig to an audience of 10 million. Yep, not a typo. In a first (of many?) an estimated 10 million gamers attended a live, virtual concert held inside the video game Fortnite.

At 19:00 GMT, gamers were transported to an in-game venue where they were able to watch Marshmello play a ten minute set. Those attending were able to dance, play with a giant beachball and make happy in their virtual world which was turned from war to love for the duration.

The concert had been promoted to gamers inside Fortnite – but the bit I love is it was also listed as one of Marshmello’s tour dates. This cross over is part of a greater trend being called; ┬áThe Virtual Experience Economy. This trend is building around the way in which experiences inside virtual reality or video games are as meaningful to those involved as experiences in the real world, providing opportunities for brands to think virtual for the right audiences.

And for those who think this trend is only for Millennials, in news guaranteed to have this trend jump the tracks beyond gamers, it’s been reported that later in 2019 ABBA will finally make their long awaited comeback tour a reality – well at least a virtual reality.

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