Truly Deeply rebrands Central Steel Build

Brochure design

The new brand strategy, architecture and identity helps Australian steel builder reflect their true industry leadership and provides a framework for future business growth.

A highly successful business, the rebrand now reflects the true image of the company, one that is continually evolving with its customers and is at the forefront of the industry.

Brand identity design

The brand proposition is centred on ‘creating value and enriching lives’. The strategy builds on Central’s strengths in not only building amazing steel structures but the way they create unique spaces that are designed with their customers’ needs and ambition in mind.

Core to the brand story is a second-generation family business that genuinely cares about people and building lasting relationships. The messaging emphasises how Central’s people are at the heart of the brand differentiation. Natural problem solvers, innovators and proactive doers, they’re passionate about delivering impeccable quality, adding value and making the journey great.

brand architecture

The new brand architecture strategy creates a strong master brand with a more closely aligned family of brands that provides flexibility for Central to tailor the offer and communication to different audiences and sectors. The messaging was then tailored to talk the language of their clients in different sectors. This demonstrates how Central’s team of agricultural, equestrian, industrial, commercial, recreational, aviation and custom-building specialists ‘get’ their clients and genuinely share the ambition.

rebrand, website design

The new brand identity is based on a clean sans-serif workmark with a flowing script like element that forms a signature for everything Central works on. Simple, modern and clean, the workmark works with descriptors across a range of sub brands with a unique colour palette, anchored by the navy and teal of the Masterbrand.

The visual language takes the looping script element to create a monogram that can be used as shorthand or a watermark, also loops through images highlighting the focus of the picture and can be used as a frame or graphic.


A second-generation family business, Central designs, engineers and constructs quality steel structures specifically for agricultural, equestrian, industrial, commercial, recreational, aviation and custom build clients.

Truly Deeply provided Central Steel Build with market review, customer and stakeholder research, brand audit, brand architecture, brand strategy, messaging, brand identity design, sub brand identity design, guidelines, website and collateral design.

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