A Brand Q&A with BOUNCE Founder & CEO Simon McNamara

The one thing I’ve learned about branding is… that’s it’s so many touch points that form the holistic view of brand

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with a whole host of inspiring business founders and leaders. A learning for me was regardless of some similarities, they each had their own take on brand with unique nuances of how they viewed and managed the brands for their organisations. In a series of interviews starting today, we’ve asked a number of these brand leaders to provide us an insight into the way they see the world of brand. The first of these interviews is with Simon McNamara, Founder & CEO of BOUNCE.

Who or what shaped your vision for your brand?
Ant of course was the greatest visionary for the brand, but it was shaped by the shareholders after seeing other brands in this space and wanting to create something better and different.

What is your brand doing well?
It consistently delivers on it’s essence or personality across all touch points.

What’s been your biggest brand mistake and what did you learn from it?
Going after a customer segment that was more difficult to attract and retain rather than other segments that are easier.

What do you see as your brand’s greatest differentiator?
We are seen as the leading brand in the industry. Leading in terms of location, design, customer experience, marketing, features, innovation.

What is it about your brand that delivers the greatest value?
A superior customer experience delivered by amazing hosts.

In the year ahead, what do you see as your brand’s greatest challenge?
To get our international partners to execute on all the points of differentiation as we are doing in Australia (that is leading to superior results).

How do you measure brand success?
Year on year sales growth.To what extent do your customers influence your brand?
They are part of our tribe. They live our brand, give us feedback (from which we learn and improve from) and spread the word.

Does your brand have a higher purpose? Can you share it and the importance you see it holding?


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What is it about your brand strategy that most excites you?
It’s relevance in today’s society and social good that it is doing and can do more of.

If you had one piece of branding advice for a start-up or young marketer, what would it be?
Be clear and articulate about what your brand stands for.

What brand are you loving right now and why?
BOUNCE of course!
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Fly though the air and bounce off the walls. BOUNCE is a massive indoor trampoline universe all about jumping high and landing soft & safe. Imagine over 100 interconnected trampolines, over 500 square metres of foam pits and padding to land on, and trampoline ‘dodge-ball’.

Pics from Bounceinc.com.au

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