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Apple’s ‘Hometown’ reminds us that powerful brands are built on strong values.

For many brand owners, marketers and managers, choosing a strong set of values for the foundation of your brand can be an unsettling prospect. The temptation to create a brand that stands for everything, or at least a brand that doesn’t alienate anyone can be…

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Apple impresses with Chinese New Year short film shot on iPhone

It’s not an entirely new trick, but Apples latest piece of brandertainment has been shot entirely on the latest iPhone. And there’s plenty to like beyond showing-off the capabilities of the iPhone 11 Pro. The film, about three generations of Chinese women coming together at…

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When Brands Tap Into A Tension And Go Against Conventional Thinking To Help Solve It

Today’s post is an article written by Brandhook, good friends of ours and the sharpest brand research and insights agency around. Apple recently announced the introduction of a new software tool to help wean people off their devices, offering users a ‘digital detox’. There’s a…

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