Apple’s ‘Hometown’ reminds us that powerful brands are built on strong values.

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For many brand owners, marketers and managers, choosing a strong set of values for the foundation of your brand can be an unsettling prospect.

The temptation to create a brand that stands for everything, or at least a brand that doesn’t alienate anyone can be overpowering, especially in a world that feels like its becoming more polarised by the day. However, a brand that fails to stand for something, for some people will inevitably end-up meaning nothing to anyone.

A brand that fails to stand for something, for some people will inevitably end-up meaning nothing to anyone.

The most powerful brands in the world have the confidence to know who they are and the values they stand for. They understand they cannot be everyone’s favorite and focus with absolute certainty on who they are and the community they wish to be an important part of. For them and their community they seek nothing less than to be part of making the world a better place.

Apple have long been the consummate experts in this brand practice. And as one of the world most valuable brands and the retail brand with the highest sales per square meter, they also demonstrate the commercial pay-off of this value-led brand approach.

Apple’s short film; Hometown was recently release in honor of Black History Month. Hometown is part of a campaign that showcases photographers across the US who are part of a renaissance of Black art. These photographers include; Gabriella Angotti-Jones from Los Angeles, California, Julien James from Washington DC, Lauren Woods from Charlotte, North Carolina, and Lawrence Agyei from Chicago, Illinois.

Hometown was made by Philip Youmans, the youngest director awarded at the Tribeca Film Festival, and was shot entirely on an iPhone 12 Pro as was the still photography.

Whilst much of the marketing created by brands held-up as the world’s best require budgets and resources most can only dream of, standing up, standing out and standing for something of true meaning in your community of customers and loyal brand fans doesn’t cost a cent.

Every brand can spare an hour or two to sit down and answer the question; What are we here for? What is our higher purpose? I guarantee the answer will be liberating and most likely provide the foundation for you to energize your business and engage those people most important to your success like nothing you’ve ever done before.

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