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Welcome Home Vegemite – Why some brands shouldn’t be sold.

Welcome home Vegemite – Back where you belong. With Australia Day around the corner, the recent announcement that publicly listed (and Australian owned) Bega Cheese is set to purchase Vegemite and a hand-full of other Kraft brands in a $460 million deal made my day.…

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Bounce brand expands to Dubai

The Free Jumping Revolution hits Dubai Truly Deeply is proud to see another one of our brand creations take on new markets. This month, Bounce Inc continued their brand expansion with the launch of the free jumping revolution in Dubai.

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A mofo of a brand

I won’t lie; we here at Truly Deeply do enjoy a tipple. Some of us more than others. As a studio, we’ve well and truly climbed aboard the addictively awesome wine deals bandwagon that is Vinomofo. We’re hooked. Not just because the wine is great…

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Truly Deeply proudly creates Aussie brand ‘Get Farmed!’

Truly Deeply is proud to showcase our brand strategy and design work for Get Farmed! a new range of all Australian breakfast cereals and muesli bars. Inspired by the fresh and wholesome all-Australian ingredients, the brand heroes local farmers and celebrates the unprocessed bounty of…

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Smiggle – the Aussie brand that is laughing while other retailers scratch their heads.

Doomsayers continue to claim retail is suffering its worst conditions for decades. But in the unlikely market of stationery – where traditional newsagents have been disappearing across the country – one retailer is booming. Smiggle is a great example of a brand that has reset…

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