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The surprising Brands behind the world’s most loved Auto Brands

Few brand purchase decisions we make are as strong a reflection of how we see ourselves as consumers and how we wish the world to see us as  choice of the car we drive. Even those who claim to not care what brand of car…

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The Power of a Symbol in Brand Identity Design

Should your brand identity design include a symbol? Working on a project currently we have a client keen to steer the creative process of their brand identity design in the direction of a logotype, that is a brand mark made-up of the word only without…

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Brand Leadership – Volkswagen Promotes Brand Chief to CEO

Brand Thinking in the Big Chair at VW. Volkswagen Group recently confirmed it will be replacing CEO Matthias Müller with Herbert Diess, the car maker’s current head of brand at Volkswagen. Diess will also be in charge of vehicle IT, Group development and research. Diess’…

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Car Galleries – A new way for car brands to engage with consumers

Less Car Showroom – More Inspiring Brand Experience On my trip this month to Paris I was struck by a new addition to the glitzy end of the Champs Elysees shopping strip – Car Galleries. Within a few blocks of this uber expensive retail real…

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Jeep leverages Batman Vs Superman brand association in first ad release

If you’ve got a positive brand association, flaunt it! Brand placements in feature films is big business. Brand owners like auto maker FCA who own Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram and FIAT brands in the US market clearly see a Hollywood blockbusters as an A grade engagement…

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