Car Galleries – A new way for car brands to engage with consumers

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Less Car Showroom – More Inspiring Brand Experience
On my trip this month to Paris I was struck by a new addition to the glitzy end of the Champs Elysees shopping strip – Car Galleries. Within a few blocks of this uber expensive retail real estate I came across large gallery style show rooms for Mercedes, Renault, BMW, Peugeot and Citroën.

These showrooms were not about demonstrating the latest range of passenger vehicles in the manner of a traditional car showroom, but more about selling the passion and inspiration of the brand. These galleries were positioning cars as art – a consumer brand experience taken to the next level, creating a buzz of consumer engagement.

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Given the level of investment these automotive brands make in marketing their products to their customers, it seems a savvy move to slice-off some of that budget to create these galleries of brand inspiration on one of the most iconic, international streets in the world. The galleries were significant in scale and no expense had been spared in their design and fit-out. The appearance of five brands suggests the concept is hitting the mark with consumers, and the palpable buzz of excitement emanating from each gallery suggested they might just have come-up with a new and successful marketing channel.

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In the era of digital, social brand building, it was refreshing to come across such a significant gesture in good old fashioned brand connection from these car brands. A good reminder to us all that there is still a role in this integrated branding world for the old with the new.

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