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The real John Lewis Twitter Christmas ad

An accidental brand ambassador John Lewis is the name of big UK retailer but it’s also the name of a guy from Blacksburg, Virginia. Since 2007, the lecturer from Virginia Tech University has been using the twitter handle @johnlewis and he often receives tweets meant for…

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Federer and Uniqlo, an unlikely new brand partnership?

Things were remarkably different at Wimbledon last week when Roger Federer stepped onto centre court for his first appearance of the tournament, surprising us all by wearing new sponsor Uniqlo. Swapping his signature RF brandmark and ‘swoosh’ for the Uniqlo red squares in a lucrative…

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Clooney and partners cash-in, but will Diageo realise the brand value of Casamigos?

Diageo Plc to acquire Casamingos brand for $US 1 Billion. In four years, Clooney and Co have managed to create impressive brand value. Sure, they’ve achieved massive sales growth but take the people out of the brand and what are you left with? Diageo might…

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Is Clementine Ford an ideal brand ambassador for feminism?

Today in our faced paced, transformative society, enabled though accelerated distribution of content digitally, information is at our fingertips. Social injustice that has previously been accepted as the status quo, we’re no longer standing for it. Who are we? I’m speaking for myself, 31 year old…

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10 years of MLA Aussie Day lamb campaigns

It’s that time of year again, Aussie Day is just around the corner and the annual eat lamb on Australia Day campaign has kicked off for the 10th year in a row. This year Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) have teamed up with The Monkeys…

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