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Hugh Jackman tells the Montblanc story – A masterclass in building brand authenticity

For all brands authenticity is one of the real hot buttons in their efforts to connect with consumers and build highly engaged relationships. Brands are telling their story at every opportunity, spruiking provenance, craftsmanship and history – regardless of whether they’re a start-up or a…

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The big news on influencer marketing is; think small

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to share your brand’s message with a targeted audience. One of the strongest marketing trends to emerge in recent times is influencer marketing, which involves recruiting influential social media people to promote you through their blogs, Youtube channels and…

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Fitness brands leading the way for brand engagement

There’s been a burst of innovation to the fitness categories in the last number of years which has been both inspiring from a brand perspective and also motivating from a get up off your ass and sweat a little perspective too! What is playing out…

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Tactics for protecting brand reputation – A very real challenge for business

Managing brand reputation is becoming increasingly challenging A plumber in the US state of Texas is suing a car dealer for US$1m after a truck he traded-in appeared in a propaganda video from Syrian rebels in an attack on the city of Aleppo. When he…

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Is brand personality the most underrated way to build brand engagement?

The Brand Strategy of Stand Out Personality In the world of retail and hospitality, so many businesses get caught-up in the operational whirlwind of attracting, serving and delivering product to their customers that they find it challenging to take a breath, step back and assert…

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The Power of One – Brand engagement starts with a single customer

Do you have a Single Customer Engagement Mindset? We were talking brand engagement with a client recently and I was reminded of this You Tube clip from the Sasquatch Music festival back in 2009. The clip starts with a single guy entranced by the music…

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