The Power of One – Brand engagement starts with a single customer

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Do you have a Single Customer Engagement Mindset?

We were talking brand engagement with a client recently and I was reminded of this You Tube clip from the Sasquatch Music festival back in 2009. The clip starts with a single guy entranced by the music and dancing all by himself on a hillside. His pure enjoyment of the moment is so captivating that he is joined by a second guy, and soon a third. By the end of the song the whole festival is up and dancing, screaming, cheering – an audience fully into it. And it all started with one engaged person.

The relevance here is that brand engagement can work in much the same way, especially for consumer brands. The power of social media and word of mouse to spread excitement has created the fertile environment for a single, engaged brand fan to start a movement.

Whilst few brands have the luxury of being able to spot the guy who’s going to start the landslide because he’s dancing all alone like a wild thing on a hill, what’s far more important is to have the right mindset. A ‘single customer engagement mindset’ (catchy term huh) dictates that you are ready and keen-as to engage with any and every customer who shows a spark of interest. This means training customer facing staff to recognise, engage, facilitate and reward these customers whether they be on-line, in store or on the phone. By setting a culture that celebrates brand fans, having training programs for front line staff and the tools and rewards established for recognising and facilitating brand fans, you give yourself every chance of starting a frenzied movement of engaged customers to build your brand’s fame and fortune.

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