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Your greatest brand influencers are hidden in plain sight

Your very best brand ambassadors are right under your nose. In the world of brand marketing, influencers are rightfully gaining a strong reputation for the important role they play. The challenge for brand managers is finding the right influencers; those with the passion, knowledge and…

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Brand love: Cafe 51 to reward inked fans for life

Melbourne burger brand, Cafe 51 is giving away free burgers for life to anyone who tattoos their burgers to their body. Making a lifetime commitment to any brand is a big ask. Apart from Harley, there aren’t many brands can claim to be so loved…

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The Power of One – Brand engagement starts with a single customer

Do you have a Single Customer Engagement Mindset? We were talking brand engagement with a client recently and I was reminded of this You Tube clip from the Sasquatch Music festival back in 2009. The clip starts with a single guy entranced by the music…

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Ben and Jerry's Brand says thank you to fans

If you have a brand that is lucky enough to have a loyal and passionate group of people following you then it’s important every now and then to thank them and keep them engaged. That’s just what Ben and Jerry’s do every year with their annual Free…

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KLM – Social fail or win for the brand?

KLM’s ‘Adios Amigos’ world cup tweet to Mexico has gained much attention in the past day or so. Most negative but is there another side to the story?

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