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The Power of One – Brand engagement starts with a single customer

Do you have a Single Customer Engagement Mindset? We were talking brand engagement with a client recently and I was reminded of this You Tube clip from the Sasquatch Music festival back in 2009. The clip starts with a single guy entranced by the music…

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Brand Loyalty is Dead – Long Live Brand Engagement

Where’s The Brand Loyalty Gone? Consumer research tells us that brand loyalty is diminishing at a rapid rate. 78% of western consumers no longer have loyalty to any one brand in any category. Brands who a decade ago shared trusted and valued relationships with their…

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Customer Loyalty – The Holy Grail for Brands

78% of consumers are not loyal to any particular brands – Ouch The last decade has seen a dramatic shift in customer loyalty leading to tough times for brand managers, marketers and owners. It’s never been tougher to make a quid from business, and it…

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