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Qantas 747’s brilliant brand move

  A fitting brand gesture. To mark the final Boeing 747 swansong for Australian airline Qantas, the pilot en route to drop the jet to storage at a boneyard in the Mojave Desert flew a flight path that sketched-out the airlines iconic brand mark of…

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Harvard Business Review study finds which type of brand marks are more effective.

The Holy Grail of Brand Effectiveness. One of the toughest parts of rebranding is the risk associated with selecting which brand mark concept to choose. There are few business decisions where so much comes down to a single choice quite as graphically as this. With…

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Did brand mark design predict Trump’s rise to power?

How brand marks reflect social & cultural trends. Just like uncovering a time capsule or the remains of a petrified Mammoth, a collection of branding from any given period tells us much about that point in time. A case in point is this great snapshot…

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The Confounding Trend of Bland Branding

Where has all the brand personality gone? Call me old and grumpy, but there’s an emerging trend in brand identity design that has got my goat – the growing popularity of simple, type only brand marks. As a branding agency that breathes, eats and sleeps…

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