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Why public opinion is not the way to name your brand (or anything else)

Popularity Doesn’t Equal Brilliant Brand Naming There’s a fascinating and more than amusing story playing out right now in the world of brand naming. The Natural Environment Research Council NERC) in the UK is launching a new multi-million dollar research vessel and has asked the…

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Why engaging a brand agency to name your business or product might be the best business investment you ever make

The guy who asked ‘What’s in a name?” never had to grow a brand with a stinker. As a brand engagement agency often assist clients with developing names for their organizations and their products, but just as often we find ourselves working with established brand…

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Great Business Names Great for Business Brand Image – A list of 12 favorites

What’s in a Brand Name? The right brand name is timeless, is easy to say and remember, stands for something, and facilitates brand extensions. Its sound has rhythm. It looks great in text and in the brand mark. A well-chosen name is an essential brand…

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