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The urgent need for more responsible brands

‘Unpacked’ photos remind us that brands need to take more responsibility for their impact. Recently I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with several purpose-led and social enterprises. Helping create and shape brands that are not just great products but will truly make a positive…

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Apple launches eco friendly wallpaper

In a initiative to raise the profile of their recycling initiate Apple has launched a series of wallpaper art focusing on environmental themes. An important consideration for brands is their approach to their social responsibilities and how they work to counteract any negative impact they…

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Wicked brand personality goes too far

Wicked Campervans have a history of being criticised for their racists, sexist and violent slogans spray-painted on their vans which act as moving billboards. With slogans such as “Women are like banks — once you withdraw you lose interest” and “A wife: an attachment you…

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Apple Brand Rotten at the Core?

Tax to Apple is clearly a dirty word Do large corporates such as Apple have a moral responsibility to pay their fair share of taxation? The Financial Review has in recent days finally been able to put some order of magnitude around just how little…

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Brand responsibility. Coca Cola tries to sugar-coat obesity issues with new campaign.

This week, Coca Cola has released a new campaign, which they claim is part of their commitment to help fight obesity. With the brand being threatened, Coca Cola is trying to take a leadership position on the issue by trying to reframe the discussion around…

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