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ANZ bank’s masterstroke of differentiated brand strategy

Standing out from the crowd in a summer of sport. So what’s notable about a bank choosing an Olympic gold medalist basketballer and an Australian Open tennis Champion to represent their brand across an integrated campaign this summer. Well for starters, it’s the one athlete…

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Ford & Lego – A surprisingly successful brand partnership

Meet #BrickPony, the love child of Lego auto brand Ford. #BrickPony is a life-size replica ‘1964½’ Ford Mustang V8 coupe made from Lego and Duplo bricks. Made out of 194,900 pieces of Lego and Duplo, it took around 1,200 hours to assemble by a team…

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9 of the top 15 Brands Associated with Rio 2016 are not Olympic Sponsors

Olympic Games Sponsorship is no Guarantee of a Gold Medal Brand Association Eighteen months out from the 2016 Rio Olympics, the majority of brands associated with the world’s highest profile sporting and television event aren’t actually sponsors. Whilst Olympic Sponsors; Coke, Bridgestone, McDonald’s and GE…

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Brand Teaser – An Inspired Trailer for the Melbourne International Film Festival

Creating Brandticipation for the MIFF Just caught onto the trailer for the Melbourne International Film Festival which opened last night. With more than 500,000 YouTube views already, can’t say I’m leading the pack on this one, but absolutely worth the1 minute 32 investment of your…

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OPSM – Brilliant Brand Association

The Brand Sponsorship, Brand Communications Conundrum For many brands, the brand strategy question of sponsorship is a tough one – calculating the benefits to the brand is often an imperfect science. The only hard and fast rule for success is ‘be brilliant’.

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